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12 photos from Rempah launch party at Café Gratitude.

Photos by Georgie Cook.

About the event:

Thanks so much to Rempah for inviting me along to the launch party of their kitchen residency at St Leonard's Café Gratitude; it was such a lovely evening!

It was great to meet the team and all of the very friendly local people and cool dogs that came along to taste their menu. It's always really inspiring to shoot photography for businesses that are creative, motivated and very good at what they do! Head chef and business owner Leeta speaks to guests a lot about the stories behind her plates - be they adaptation's of grandmother's recipes or vegan twists on authentic Malaysian cuisine. The stories are definitely as colourful as the food itself!

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to read about how I approached the assignment.

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It's difficult to choose a favourite photo from the Rempah Pop-Up party, but this is up there! I like how there are people filing most of the frame. At times the room was so busy!

Leeta talking about her wonderful take on Malaysian food to happy guests!

Welcoming more guests to the party!

Captain at the helm of the ship!

The littlest guest and his friends!

A happy customer all the way from Blackpool and now living in lovely St Leonard's!

Happy Happy! It was lovely to see other local business owners coming out to support SE Asian Pop-Ups

Chef George talking to a guest about the delicious vegan "no-cheese" cheesecake.

Not one but two gorgeous Daschund's came to see what the fuss was all about! One's on a gourmet diet of Salmon and Prosecco corks ;)

A gorgeous plate of Rempah's Malaysian vegetarian Thali.

The dynamic kitchen duo! Congratulations on a brilliant party and all the best for the future!

How I approached the assignment:

Rempah wanted a series of images documenting the event including the food and guests that could be used on social media, web and print advertising.. It's a fairly small space with gorgeous windows and lovely natural decor. In situations like this, I always like to work with minimal equipment so I chose to use my 35mm lens, working with available light until the sun went down. At that point I started using my flash-gun with diffuser, (mostly) angled at the ceiling to avoid harsh shadows. I photograph mostly in a documentary and reportage style but I do also occasionally stop people and ask for a photo, as with the image above. I also did minimal styling on menu card's, plates, signs and table decorations. I'm really pleased with the images of which these 12 are just a small selection of! Thanks again for having me!

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